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Measure Website Performance with Phone Tracking

Track and Record Your Phone Calls

  • With every FUSION™ Website we provide a call tracking number for all your major profit centers and a service that captures the caller's phone number (when possible), identifies the advertising source and records calls for review enabling you to return missed calls and recapture lost leads. This tool can help a dealership to maximize their return on marketing investment and improve their conversion of leads to sales.

  • Access to Real-Time Reports

    The call tracking and recording service that we provide includes complete real-time analytics reports that you can access from the web whenever you'd like. View reports online, download an excel file, or send yourself scheduled reports via email. This makes it easy for dealerships to manage multiple profit centers and measure the results of their specific marketing campaigns down to the department.

  • Increase Sales & Maximize Profitability

    Did you know that 18% of all phone calls to a typical business go unanswered? You can collect information on every call your dealership receives using these call tracking tools, even if the call was missed, met with a busy signal, or came in before or after normal business hours. Gain vital intelligence and insight about the prospects and customers who call in response to your marketing and sales efforts on your website and leverage that knowledge to turn callers into car buyers. You can use these tools to learn how many calls are being missed or left on hold. You can make sure your sales staff is following up on every lead and use call recordings to significantly boost customer service levels.