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Automotive Website Search Engine Marketing

Increase Clicks with Dynamic Keyword Insertion

  • ClickMotive has developed a proprietary technology that dynamically inserts the keywords consumers are typing into search engines like Google right into your pay-per-click search engine marketing campaigns. This technique has proven to increase clicks, drive traffic, and improve your return on investment. When you combine a FUSION™ Website with our unique Search Engine Marking (SEM) Program, you end up with a search solution that dominates and saturates search engine result pages.

  • High Converting Designs

    Getting traffic to your website is only part of a successful Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign. When a consumer clicks through to your site, we dynamically serve them a research or inventory page that is specific to their search, providing a rich experience that translates into more conversions and sales. This deep linking, low-funnel strategy has proven to be more effective in converting SEM traffic to leads than any other search engine marketing programs in the industry.

  • 700% Increase in Contacts

    Since being chosen as AutoNation's preferred SEM provider, we have delivered on average 700% more contacts than their previous provider simply by focusing on low-funnel, high converting keywords. No one else in the country has shown AutoNation how to generate as many high quality contacts as ClickMotive, and is why they have selected us as their SEM vendor of choice for 100% of their dealers.