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Engage Customers Using Specials & Incentives

Automated Inventory Specials

  • We have developed the perfect complement to our Inventory Marketing System using a technology that creates automated Bargain, Low-mileage, and Pre-Auction lot specials. We take your top ten least expensive, lowest mileage, and the most aged units and automatically create specials directly from the Inventory Marketing System daily. With zero effort you are able to market your most sought after vehicles and turn aged inventory faster.

  • National and Regional Incentives

    Our Acura Preferred and GSM Toyota programs offer National and Regional incentives integrated directly with the new inventory. This is a zero maintenance solution that offers value to the consumer and a competitive advantage over the competition. Auto Manufacturers spend billions of dollars on rebates and incentives every year, and this feature is designed to maximize your sales opportunities by using those promotions.

  • Blanket Your Site with Promotions

    FUSION™ Website Tools give Dealers, Auto Groups, and Regions the ability to create and market specials for every profit center. Using our newly designed FUSION™ 3.0 website platform, every department page links back to its department specials automatically once they are created. And if that wasn't enough, you can upload your TV commercials, Radio Spots, and Print Ads directly into your website using this fully integrated Video Management System. By having the ability to create inventory specials, department specials, enticements, pop up coupons, and upload traditional advertising media, you will have all the tools necessary to captivate your audience, increase leads, and drive sales.