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Mobile Website vs. Mobile Application

Get Found on Search Engines

  • Google accounts for over 97% of all mobile searches. If you only have a mobile application on the iPhone App Store or Android Market then you are missing out on some major traffic! FUSION™ Mobile Websites are 100% search engine friendly and we can also redirect your traditional website when found on search engines from a mobile device. This will not only drive more traffic to your mobile website, but can also increase your chance for conversion by 35%. ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile Websites also come with all the features needed to download to any iPhone user’s phone in just 3 clicks.

  • Tracking Phone Numbers & Analytics

    Every FUSION™ Mobile Website comes standard with tracking numbers so we can segment your traditional website's phone calls and your mobile website’s phone calls. This will enable you to see a calculable ROI for each of these very distinct web presences. FUSION™ Mobile also comes standard with website analytics tools ideal for both high level and detailed reporting. These are two very important features that you will not get with a mobile application.

  • More Devices Supported

    We audit the world of mobile once per month and add new device detection code to more and more mobile devices. This allows dealers to get more market penetration for less cost. If one mobile website can access millions of consumers through hundreds of different types mobile phones, then why would you spend your dollars on apps that have to be developed for specific app stores, have to be uploaded to use, and can't be optimized for search engines?