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Generate More Leads Using Text Campaigns

Full Service Text Marketing

  • ClickMotive provides car dealers, auto groups, and OEMs with a powerful text message marketing system designed to engage consumers and help dealers sell more vehicles. The text message advertising market is one of the fastest growing marketing mediums worldwide. Like the internet before it, it has unprecedented power and potential to reach its intended market with an immediate message or call to action. Through the use of "short codes" and associated "keywords" dealers using FUSION™ Mobile can create effective text marketing campaigns and build an opt-in database.

  • Create An Interactive Experience

    There are over 290 million wireless subscribers in the U.S. that send over 170 billion text messages a month. Text message marketing creates a unique opportunity to interact and connect to millions of potential car buyers through all avenues of advertising including web, mobile, print, radio, and TV. This new interactive media offers the optimal user experience for both dealers and consumers resulting in measurable long-term results.

  • Effectively Grow Your Business

    Mobile text message marketing allows you to directly communicate with your customers via text messaging. Mobile phones are becoming even more indispensable with the use of built-in cameras, photos, contacts, email, browsers, songs, calendars, GPS, maps, movies, videos, instant messaging and smart phone applications. Mobile Marketing puts your message literally in the palm of your customer’s hand.