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Interactive Research Tools & Showroom

Full Feature Photo & Video Library

  • All of the pictures, videos, specifications, options, color availability, pricing, and more are updated weekly on your ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile Website with zero effort from you. More importantly, this information is richly and deeply linked into your inventory allowing shoppers to see your in stock vehicles with just one touch!

  • Virtual Comparison & Research Tools

    ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile Websites provide mobile optimized video for nearly every new model available, as well as lots of pictures that the customer can easily browse through with just the flick of a finger. Also included are weekly updates based on manufacturer data as well as rich content to improve your search engine relevance. These full feature research tools also provide one-touch integration into your available inventory, which makes it easier for customers to find a vehicle in your inventory after they have decided which vehicle they want to purchase.

  • Stay-In-Page Technology

    We used to rely on external applications like Google Maps & the Video Players for some functionality in FUSION™ Mobile. The problem was this forced the consumer to leave the website and most consumers will not be savvy enough to get back to your site. All of this has been solved with our latest version of FUSION™ Mobile using “Stay-In-Page” technology on features like the new Video Player and Photo Gallery with "Flick-Through" browsing that you would find on popular applications like Facebook.