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Mobile Website Search Engine Marketing

Engineered with SEM In Mind

  • Your ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile Website will already work with SEM campaigns right out of the box. We’ve richly integrated with Google Adwords to entice the mobile shopper at exactly the time they choose to search! When you combine a FUSION™ Mobile Website with our unique Search Engine Marking (SEM) Program, you end up with a mobile marketing solution that dominates and saturates search engine result pages.

  • Calculate Campaign Effectiveness

    ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile Websites track traffic, conversions, and phone calls separately from your desktop website allowing you to calculate return on investment (ROI) with perfect clarity and transparency. They also automatically serve mobile-optimized content for SEM clicks that occur from a mobile device on all types of mobile web devices- not just iPhones. FUSION™ Mobile Websites richly integrate and track text message marketing campaigns so that you can easily calculate ROI.

  • Increase Your Contact List

    Since being chosen as AutoNation's preferred SEM provider for traditional websites, we have delivered on average 700% more contacts than their previous provider simply by focusing on low-funnel, high converting keywords. AutoNation has been one of our most successful website SEM customers and is why they have just recently taken all of their Texas stores live on our FUSION™ Mobile Website platform. Since taking those dealers live we have seen conversion rates hold steady at 50% or higher.