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Mobile Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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  • Mobile search engine optimization differs greatly from SEO for desktop browser websites because the pages must be tagged differently and the content must be organized differently. Most importantly, web designers must balance the need for speed, performance, and compactness on tiny screens with limited bandwidth with the search engine spider’s desire for lots of content, which is a difficult task that most website vendors don’t do well. However, FUSION™ Mobile Websites do all this and more.

  • Search Engine Domination

    ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile Websites are not just squished down versions of your desktop website. They are instead a stand-alone marketing presence that car buyers carry with them everywhere they go. Unlike many competitors, these mobile websites show up correctly on search engines which only display mobile websites, and they also deep link from major search engines. This puts ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile Websites in a position to dominate search result pages and increase the number of website visitors from free SEO traffic. Best of all, these websites work on ALL mobile devices- not just the iPhone- so no one is left out.

  • Ready For Mobile SEO

    ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile Websites automatically translate requests to your traditional site to a correct format for mobile when a mobile device or browser is detected. FUSION™ Mobile Websites also translate Google mobile search results to the correct webpage of your mobile website and into Google Search Results that serve mobile web content.