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Wake Up Your Mobile Website with Video

Fully Integrated Video Marketing System

  • Is video really possible on mobile phone? Yes, new mobile platforms such as the Apple iPhone and Google Android both support video. Your ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile Website comes with a FREE mobile video library with professionally produced research footage on nearly every new model of vehicle you carry. Statistics show that if you have video on your website, then you are increasing your opportunity to generate a lead by almost 50%. Video has to be optimized and encoded correctly to play on these small devices, and this is all included when you sign up for a ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile Website.

  • Optimized For Mobile Devices

    ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile Websites include a full video library that’s 100% optimized for hand-held mobile devices. Model research videos, which are continuously updated as new models and model years become available, include easy-to-use finger touch operations for playing, pausing, scanning, and volume. Unlike the competition, the videos on ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile Websites play in-page so the customer never has to leave the site to watch it. Rich soundtracks and eye-popping video presents nearly every new model in its best light. The best part is that there is zero effort required from you, it all just works!

  • New and Used Inventory Videos

    Your mobile website would not be complete without inventory videos. That is why ClickMotive FUSION™ Websites can incorporate video on your inventory pages at the push of a button. Wake up your mobile website, and engage your customers on a more personal level with our Video Marketing System.