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  • Serve & Track After-Hours and Un-Escorted Shoppers

    • Cool Smart Phone Technology

      People love to come in and shop while your dealership is closed. In states where dealers must be closed on Sunday – there is often more foot traffic than during the week. How can you track the activities of the shoppers – and offer a high level of service that you would while you’re open? The answer is a smart-phone powered interactive window sticker! FUSION Tag lets you easily print window stickers for cars that contain special 2-D bar-codes called “QR Codes” that can be scanned with nearly any smart phone. Using free software that’s already installed on many phones, your shoppers who use iPhone, Android, Blackberry & more can easily scan the sticker and get loads of information about the car right on their phone. The window stickers take about 1 second to print and come out on specially designed stickers that can be attached to the outsides of windows. Most smart phones can’t scan through glass – particularly if there is a glare or the glass is tinted. These stickers are made of a material that can stand up to rain, heat, snow & ice. It’s so tough – it’s used by the government to label nuclear waste containers!

    • Every Car Becomes Interactive

      Don’t be fooled by other QR coding products out there. When car buyers use those – they often take the buyer away from your dealership to manufacturer or government data. With FUSION Tag, the car buyer gets information straight from your FUSION Mobile website. Your inventory, your phone numbers, your lead forms, and your analytics. The only way to do this is the make every sticker VIN-specific. FUSION Tag makes this process quick & easy. When new inventory arrives, it only takes seconds to print & install the stickers.

    • Track, Convert and Even Alert

      Every time a car shopper scans a sticker, they are served all kinds of great information about the specific car – pictures, videos, and more - but this is served with lots of ways for them to convert as well. Large, clear click-to-dial phone numbers, lead forms, even the ability to send text messages – all right there on their phone only one touch away! Every scan is sent through to your analytics reports as well. You can see the scans, track the calls, track the leads, and control the consumer experience. FUSION Tag can even send a text message to you within seconds after scan. While the dealership is open, this gives you the opportunity to improve customer service even more!